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MoodGYM Frequently Asked Questions

About MoodGYM

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What is MoodGYM?

MoodGYM is an innovative, interactive web program designed to prevent depression. It consists of five modules, an interactive game, anxiety and depression assessments, downloadable relaxation audio, a workbook and feedback assessment.

Using flashed diagrams and online exercises, MoodGYM teaches the principles of cognitive behaviour therapy – a proven treatment for depression. It also demonstrates the relationship between thoughts and emotions, and works through dealing with stress and relationship break-ups, as well as teaching relaxation and meditation techniques.

Who is behind MoodGYM?

MoodGYM was originally developed and evaluated over 15 years by researchers at the Australian National University. The principal authors of the content were Professor Helen Christensen and Professor Kathy Griffiths, who first scripted Mood GYM in 2001. Other staff provided clinical, technical and design expertise, and young people from the community provided feedback.

The development and delivery of MoodGYM is now undertaken by e-hub Health Pty Ltd – an ANU spin-off company managed by the senior MoodGYM team.

The ongoing delivery of MoodGYM is enabled by funding from the Australian Commonwealth Department of Health through its Telephone Counselling, Self Help and Web-based Support Programmes measure.

The Norwegian translation of MoodGYM was contributed by the University of Tromso, Norway.

The Chinese translation of MoodGYM was contributed by the Beijing Suicide Research and Prevention Center. The production of the Chinese version of MoodGYM was undertaken with funding by beyondblue: the national depression initiative.

The Dutch translation of MoodGYM was contributed by MoleMann Mental Health. Funding for the production of the Dutch version of MoodGYM also was provided by Molemann Mental Health.

The Finnish translation of MoodGYM was contributed by the City of Joensuu through the Arjen mieli -project. Funding for the production of the Finnish version of MoodGYM was provided by the National Development Programme for Social Welfare and Health Care (Kaste Programme), City of Joensuu and North Carelian joint municipal authority of health care and social services.

Why was MoodGYM created?

Depression affects one in five Australians at some point in their life, and about 121 million people worldwide. Although immunisation and other preventative measures are widespread in many areas of medicine, there is little recognition for the need of protecting mental health.

With this in mind, MoodGYM was developed as a training program to help prevent depression in young people. Making it available over the Internet seemed to be the most practical way of reaching the broader community.

Since its launch in 2004, MoodGYM has received several IT and health awards, and has over 1,200,000 registered users worldwide.

Will MoodGYM help me?

There is evidence that MoodGYM is helpful for its users. Scientific trials evaluating MoodGYM have shown that the using two or more modules is linked to significant reductions in depression and anxiety symptoms. The trials also found that these benefits still last after 12 months.

Although MoodGYM may reduce depression in some people, e-hub Health and the Australian National University and their staff make no claims that MoodGYM will be helpful for every individual.

Does using MoodGYM mean that I don't need to see a doctor?

The information provided throughout MoodGYM is intended for information and skill development purposes only. MoodGYM is not a substitute for seeking diagnosis and treatment from a qualified person. Always consult a medical practitioner or mental health professional if you require a diagnosis or treatment for depression, anxiety or other mental disorders. One reason this is important is that depression is sometimes caused by physical illness or certain medications and a doctor can check these out. Persons under age 16 with depressive symptoms should speak to their parents about seeking professional help for their depression.

Is MoodGYM completely confidential?

All information provided by MoodGYM users is kept confidential and e-hub Health is under a legal obligation to protect the integrity of your personal information. As an extra level of privacy, we recommend that you register your MoodGYM account using a pseudonym or made-up name as your username.

For more information about MoodGYM’s Privacy Statement, please read the MoodGYM Terms of Use.

Do I need to pay to use MoodGYM?

No, MoodGYM is provided free of charge to the public.

Can I promote MoodGYM through my website/organisation?

Yes. Organisations are welcome to link to the Mood GYM site which is available to users free of charge.

I am a clinician/teacher/support worker/carer. How can I support someone using MoodGYM?

For information and resources on supporting someone using MoodGYM, please visit the e-hub Assist portal at


I can't create a new account

Problem: We are unable to process your registration due to the following errors. Please correct these fields to continue. Username may contain letters, numbers and '_'

This is caused by an invalid username or password. Username and passwords can only contain letters, numbers and '_'. Any other character may prevent completing registration.

As MoodGYM has over 1,200,000 registered users, it may be challenging to come up with a username that has not been taken. We suggest adding numbers on the end of your preferred username.

Problem: Password is too short

Passwords need to contain at least 6 characters. Passwords shorter than this will prevent completing registration.

Problem: The screen appears to refresh itself without creating a new account

This is caused by blocked cookies. You can find instructions on how to enable cookies by searching "cookies" in your web browser's Help menu.

If you have enabled cookies and the problem still occurs, try using MoodGYM with a different browser. Users in the past have found that the web browser Firefox works well with the MoodGYM program. Firefox can be downloaded at no cost from

I can't log into MoodGYM

Please click on the links on the MoodGYM login page for more information.

Problem: "Could not log in, please check your username and password and try again."

This indicates the username and/or password is not being entered correctly. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive and you will need to take care to enter them correctly. If you are still unable to log in, go to the MoodGYM login page and click on 'I can't remember my login details'. You will be able to enter your email address to recover your login details.

I can't remember my username or password

Go to the MoodGYM login page and click on 'I can't remember my login details'. You will be able to enter your email address to recover your login details.

How do I deactivate my account?

Log into MoodGYM and on the opening page, there will be an option to deactivate your account.

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